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Beneficial effects of choir singing on cognition and well-being of older adults

via PLOS One Collection Social Psychiatry   |   Research and Studies

The authors of this report note that “choir singing has been associated with better mood and quality of life (QOL) in healthy older adults, but little is known about its potential cognitive benefits in aging. …

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Choral singing and psychological wellbeing: Quantitative and qualitative findings from English choirs in a cross-national survey

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The authors of this report state that there have been numerous evaluations of choral singing as a health promotion activity but these were highly diverse theoretically, methodologically, and in terms of size.  For this study …

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Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of community singing on mental health-related quality of life of older people: Randomised controlled trial.

via British Journal of Psychiatry   |   Research and Studies

The study summarized in this report aimed to “evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of community group singing for a population of older people in England.”  They state that “little rigorous research has been conducted looking …

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