How to Use This Site

What is this site?

The Creative Aging Resource is a database providing descriptions of and access to hundreds of resources (media items, research, featured expert and organizational profiles, audio and video content) published by various contributors, organizations, and publishers on the topics related to the field of creative aging. Original content published by Lifetime Arts is also available.

What you will find

Most of the records in the collection feature access to information published from 2015 forward, with the exception of seminal/must-read items. We will continue to bring in new information on an ongoing basis via in-house curation as well as via submissions against a rubric. We will also prepare and import a backlist of records about other resources published prior to 2015.

Searching vs. browsing

To search or browse the resource records specifically, please visit “Resources,” via the global navigation link at the top of each page or via the “Resources” link elsewhere on the home page.

If you would like to search the entire site, inclusive of resources, case studies, pages, posts, featured expert and organization profiles, please use the Site Search accessible via the home page and the search icon in the global navigation.

Browse Resources on the Creative Aging Resource
Browse Resources on the Creative Aging Resource using Filters

We have provided subject term, content type, and year filters to assist you in browsing available resources. Currently the subject term filters are appearing as one level. In reality, there are three levels of terms that range from broad to narrow across these three parent topics:

Aging & Longevity | Creative Aging | Community Engagement

Next, we will enhance this feature so that the terms appear in their hierarchies. Referring to the figure above, you will also note that counts appear next to each term, signaling the number of resources that have been tagged with that term.

How info records HAVE BEEN classified

Content classification and tagging is an ongoing process. Resource information records have been categorized and tagged with:

  • Proprietary subject term taxonomy
  • Population density taxonomy
  • Featured organizations types and names (linking to profiles)
  • Featured expert types and names (linking to profiles)
  • Program site type taxonomy
  • Art forms taxonomy
  • Content type taxonomy
  • Keywords*
  • Year**

Case Study records have also been tagged with a proprietary Case Study Topics taxonomy. (We will provide information about taxonomies and classification in the coming weeks.)

* At the time of launch, not all records contain keywords. Additional keywording work will continue. We will provide updates on all future enhancements via site updates.

** For the moment we have avoided exposing exact publication dates as date formats are irregular across publishers, and the content here is likely to be searched by topic vs. exact pub date.

Featured experts and organizations

There are hundreds of experts on topics related to creative aging, and even more organizations involved in the field as practitioners, funders, grantees, service organizations, and professional associations.

This site does not claim to contain information about all experts and organizations, but is featuring a selection of people and orgs working in and adjacent to the field. Additional experts and organizations will be added over time.

We welcome your suggestions and submissions via our Feedback form.