Beneficial effects of choir singing on cognition and well-being of older adults


The authors of this report note that “choir singing has been associated with better mood and quality of life (QOL) in healthy older adults, but little is known about its potential cognitive benefits in aging. The purpose of this study was to “compare the subjective (self-reported) and test-based (objective) cognitive functioning of senior choir singers” with matched control groups, along with assessments of QOL, mood, and social functioning. The report describes the study methods in detail and discusses the implications of the findings. It also includes a thorough discussion of the state of research regarding the impacts of musical participation on older adult cognitive functioning.

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Maarit Jansson

Julene Johnson

Jukka Louhivuori

Teemu Paajanen

Emmi Pentikäinen

Anni Pitkäniemi

Teppo Särkämö

Sini-Tuuli Siponkoski

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University of Helsinki

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Research and Studies




Aging, choir singing, cognitive aging, musical participation, quality of life, social interaction

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Music (Vocal)