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Screenshot of a 3-D, augmented art exhibition.

The museum staff shared participant's final work online by using Kunstmatrix, a virtual art exhibition app, to create a 3-D, augmented reality display. Credit: Lisa Ortega-Pol

Careful Planning, Continuous Refinement, Innovative Solutions for Online Programming in San Juan, PR

Our latest case study highlights Museo de Historia, Antropología, y Arte in San Juan, who delivered a new, fully-online visual arts program, La Vida es un Arte 2.0, (Life is an Art Form 2.0) during strict COVID-19 quarantine and lockdown measures. Through careful planning and continuous refinement, the hands-on museum staff worked through the challenges of remote delivery format, internet access stability, technical support, and delivering an engaging culminating event online.


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The Mature Mind: the Positive Power of the Aging Brain

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From the summary: A renowned psychiatrist and gerontologist draws from more than thirty years of research to show that surprising positive changes in our brains have the powerful potential to enhance, not diminish, our lives …

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The Creativity and Aging Study: The Impact of Professionally Conducted Cultural Programs on Older Adults

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From the overview: In 2001, the National Endowment for the Arts developed a cooperative agreement with The George Washington University to conduct a multisite national study with the aim of measuring the impact of professionally …

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