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Two older adult participants and a teaching artist smile and admire a finished photography project.

Point of View: Why Creative Aging? It’s More Than Personal—It’s Societal.

In this article, Lifetime Arts CEO and Co-founder, Maura O’Malley, shares how navigating the senior care system for her creative aunt in her eighties expanded her interest in educational arts programming for older adults, how Lifetime Arts’ approach has continued these efforts decades later, and how museums can impact their communities through creative aging programs.


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Creative Lives: Dismantling Ageism in the Professional Arts World


Insights from online symposia involving University of Sheffield researchers and older artists from around the UK. “Ageism and intersecting systems of discrimination pervade the arts industry. As the following report shows, from negative attitudes and …

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Point of View: Why Creative Aging? It’s More Than Personal—It’s Societal.

via Museum Magazine   |   Article and Blog Post

From the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) Field Notes: Navigating the senior care system for a creative, intelligent aunt in her eighties, this veteran arts administrator [Maura O’Malley] discovered a gaping need for high-quality programming …

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Countering Isolation With Creativity

via Stanford Social Isolation Review   |   Article and Blog Post

Arts programming specially designed to help older adults access and benefit from quality lifelong learning can foster connection with others and restore a sense of purpose and joy to their lives.

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