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New Agency to Offer Support for Arts and Older People

This 2019 announcement from The Baring Foundation outlines a major new investment in creative aging in the form of a three year grant to launch a new national support agency.  The announcement describes the background, rationale, and support structure for the agency to be housed at the Manchester Museum.  It re-affirms the fundamental principle underlying The Baring Foundation’s Creative Aging funding which supports the statement, “the opportunity to be creative and to experience arts and culture is a right at any age.”

On diversity and creative ageing

This short report includes eleven case studies of creative ageing projects in the UK which set out to engage sections of the older population that are often under-served by arts and cultural organisations, including organisations working with older people from LGBTIQ communities and from ethnic minority communities.

Love in a Cold Climate: Creative Ageing in Finland

From the report details:

How is Finland approaching the creative and cultural rights of and provision for older people? This report is aimed at practitioners such as artists and carers, as well as policy makers and funders anywhere in the world with an interest in what more can be done to support older people, especially vulnerable older people, to take part in culture and creativity. It includes a set of 18 case studies, as well as useful information about the Finnish context and reflections in relation to the field of creative aging in the UK.