Subject Term: Teaching Artistry

Lifetime Arts Responds to COVID-19 with Creative Aging Program Resources

Annie Montgomery, Lifetime Arts’ Director of Education, and Julie Kline, Education Associate, talk about what COVID-19 meant for the arts education field; the genesis of the campaign; why we are offering Creative Aging 101 now; and about channeling our support for remote program adaptation in ways that focus on upholding the tenets of Creative Aging programming.

SAFE Planning Design Elements for Creative Aging Programs Guide

Creative aging programming is distinct from other community-based learning in that it ensures that the needs of older adult learners are met, their art-making skills are developed, explored, and practiced, and community is built through the experience. Please refer to this resource as a guidepost when designing your own curriculum.

Adapting Creative Aging Course Design for Remote Program Delivery Guide

Since launching the Creative Aging 101 mini-course in April 2020, Lifetime Arts also developed a series of recommendations designed to assist teaching artists and programming organizations who are considering offering remote classes. This guide addresses topics such as: art form, class size, suggested curriculum adaptations, adult learning, synchronous vs. asynchronous delivery, technology considerations, and social engagement ideas.


Creative Aging 101: Case Study — Comedy Workshop

In this case study, Lifetime Arts Trainer, Vinny Mraz, talks about the “Comedy Workshop” program which he has led in senior centers in the NYC area. This case study provides insight into the variety of ways a creative aging program might work depending on the community the program serves.