Subject Term: Private Sector

The Prophet of the Coming Aging Boom

From the Forbes Article:

For three decades Ken Dychtwald has been proclaiming that a demographic tidal wave is approaching America. He calls it the Age Wave, which is also the name of his Emeryville, Calif. consultancy and a book he co-wrote back in 1989. Learn to ride it, he tells businesses, or you will be crushed and drowned. Now that the wave is beginning to hit full force, more and more businesses are listening.

Arts as an Industry: Their Economic Impact on New York City and New York State

From the Report Summary: “It is widely recognized that the arts are essential to the city and state of New York, which enjoys a global reputation for cultural excellence and opportunity. In the past quarter century, an awareness has grown that the arts are also an economic engine for New York City and New York State. This is the third study to measure the economic impact of the arts in New York City and the first to assess their importance to the entire state.* This report reveals a trend of robust growth in the city during 23 years and provides a new picture for the year 2005 of an industry that is a strong contributor to the economy of both the city and the state.”

How Creativity Works in the Brain

Report on a two-day workshop in Santa Fe, NM in 2014 that summarizes themes and trends from psychological and neurobiological studies of creativity. Sessions participants explored examples of trans-disciplinary research and agreed that artistic creation is a process worthy of more study.