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A Community Choir Intervention to Promote Well-Being Among Diverse Older Adults: Results From the Community of Voices Trial

via The Oxford Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences   |   Research and Studies

This article reports on a randomized control study of the effects of a Community of Voices choir intervention on the “health, well-being and health care costs of racial/ethnically diverse” adults 60 years and older. Sixty-five …

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A Review of Arts and Aging Research: Revealing an Elusive but Promising Direction for the Era of the Third Age

via Humanities and the Arts, Journal of Aging   |   Research and Studies

Abstract: “This article examines arts and aging research over a 40-year period in four highly visible gerontology journals. We examine the content, amount, and distribution of research between 1970 and 2009, identifying dominant themes and …

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Aboriginal community-controlled art centres: Keeping Elders strong and connected. Articulating an ontologically situated, intergenerational model of care

Research and Studies

Abstract From Article: Objective: To articulate how Aboriginal community-controlled art centres support the role of Elders and older people within an ontologically situated, intergenerational model of care. Methods: In this paper, we draw on stories …

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Acting Out! An Intergenerational Theatre Performance


Gloria King and Jarahn Cosby perform, “Acting Out!,” at “Advancing Creative Aging in NYC,” a convening held on February 7, 2020 at the Ford Foundation in New York to celebrate and share the findings from …

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Age-Friendly Standards


From the Fantastic for Families website: Organizations that sign-up to the Age-Friendly Standards value all generations and want to provide a welcoming and positive experience for everyone, regardless of their age. Whilst many of the …

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Age-Friendly Standards: What Are They?


From the Report: Organisations that sign-up to the Age-Friendly Standards value all generations and want to provide a welcoming and positive experience for everyone, regardless of their age. Whilst many of the Age-Friendly Standards relate …

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Ageing Artfully: Older People and Professional Participatory Arts in the UK


From the Toolkit: “The Baring Foundation sets out in this major report a picture of the situation that exists across all art forms — dance, music, drama, painting — as a way of engaging and …

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Ages and Stages: The Place of Theatre in the Lives of Older People

via Ageing and Society   |   Articles and Blog Posts

Despite the growing interest amongst gerontologists and literary and cultural scholars alike, in arts participation, ageing and the artistic outputs of older people, comparatively little attention has yet been paid to theatre and drama. Likewise, …

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Aging Better with the Denver Public Library: Report on Older Adult Services


The Aging Better Report by Denver Public Library (DPL) on its 2019-2020 Older Adult Services is more than the usual departmental report. It is based on a philosophy about aging and learning, exemplified in the …

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Aging, Complexities, Opportunities and Impacts on Society / 2015 Annual Meeting Conference Statement

via 2015 National Association of Medicine Annual Meeting Conference Statement   |   Websites

The theme of this year’s annual meeting is Aging: Complexities, Opportunities, and Impacts on Society. The keynote address will be delivered by Laura Carstensen, Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Professor in Public Policy and Professor of …

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