Subject Term: Social Interaction & Isolation

Just What Older People Didn’t Need: More Isolation

The New York Times’ Paula Span reports:

“When the committee looked for promising solutions, it found studies showing that attending exercise programs helped reduce isolation — not a useful approach at the moment. The evidence for much-heralded technological approaches, from robotic pets and Zoom to voice-activated assistants, remains thin thus far. How, then, to help older people maintain their social connections when they’re supposed to be socially, or at least physically, distanced? Individuals and organizations around the country are proposing and trying a variety of tactics.”

She’s Alone, 105 and in a Nursing Home Threatened by the Virus

The New York Times’ John Leland reports:

“New York’s nursing homes have long been chronically understaffed, leaving family members to fill critical gaps, from feeding their relatives to checking for bedsores or infection. Now those family members are barred from entry, and existing workers are getting sick, quarantined or quitting because the work has become too dangerous.”

How Libraries Help Combat Loneliness

The Agony of Weekend Loneliness: ‘I Won’t Speak to Another Human until Monday’

From The Guardian site:

“Despite all this, the phenomenon of weekend loneliness has scarcely been studied. ‘It’s not something that’s been researched at all,’ says Pamela Qualter, professor of psychology for education at the University of Manchester. She led the BBC’s Loneliness Experiment last year, and ‘found that there didn’t seem to be a time of day [nor] a season when people felt especially lonely. But we didn’t ask about the weekend.’ So what does weekend loneliness look like, who experiences it – and what might be done to alleviate it?”