Subject Term: Retirement

The New Retirement

This is a section of the New York Times which includes news and features about the changing nature of careers, working and retirement.

Aging Artists on the Creativity of Their Old Age

Drawing on information collected from 88 graphic artists in their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, the investigators sought to learn about aging and its effect on their work. They concluded: “The perceived handicaps of aging largely were irrelevant or overcome.”


From Encore: “Encore (formerly Civic Ventures) is building a movement to make it easier for millions of people to pursue encore careers ___ or second acts for the greater good. The nonprofit__s ultimate goal: to produce a windfall of talent to help solve society__s greatest problems. programs include The Encore Fellowships Network, for experienced private-sector employees transitioning to encore careers; the Encore Prize, which offers cash prizes, coaching and a year of ongoing support to programs and products that bring the talent of 50+ adults to social problems; and the Generation to Generation campaign, which will mobilize 1 million people over 50 to help young people thrive, and unite all ages to create a better future.