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“Elderhood” Author on Redefining Age

via CBS News   |   Videos

From CBS News: “People are living decades longer than they ever have before, thanks to advances in medicine and public health. Author and aging expert Dr. Louise Aronson wrote a new book on the subject …

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30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice From the Wisest Americans

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More than one thousand extraordinary Americans share their stories and the wisdom they have gained on living, loving, and finding happiness.

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A Clearer Map for Aging: ‘Elderhood’ Shows How Geriatricians Help Seniors Thrive

via National Public Radio   |   Audio and Podcasts

In this podcast, geriatrician, Dr. Louise Aronson, shares her thoughts on the health and care of older people in the U.S., narrowing in on topics like how the immune system changes with age, the importance …

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A Radical Plan to Treat Covid’s Mental Health Fallout

via Wired Magazine   |   Articles and Blog Posts

From the Article: The NHS is trialling a new approach to tackling physical and mental health issues: ask what really matters.

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A Scoping Review of Research on the Arts, Aging, and the Quality of Life

via Gerontologist   |   Articles and Blog Posts

Artistic engagement has been identified as a promising way to improve older adults’ quality of life (QoL) and health. This has resulted in a growing, yet diverse, knowledge base. The purpose of this scoping review …

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Accessibility: Creativity & Aging


The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Center for Creative Aging (NCCA) have published a report from the May 2015 Summit on Creativity and Aging in America, which offers recommendations on how to foster …

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Active and Receptive Arts Participation and Their Association with Mortality Among Adults in the U.S.

via PubMed   |   Research and Studies

Epidemiological studies on the arts are not common in the United States, especially studies on active engagement by older adults.  This national study addressed associations between arts participation and mortality, including both passive and active …

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Ages and Stages: The Place of Theatre in the Lives of Older People

via Ageing and Society   |   Articles and Blog Posts

Despite the growing interest amongst gerontologists and literary and cultural scholars alike, in arts participation, ageing and the artistic outputs of older people, comparatively little attention has yet been paid to theatre and drama. Likewise, …

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Aging Better with the Denver Public Library: Report on Older Adult Services


The Aging Better Report by Denver Public Library (DPL) on its 2019-2020 Older Adult Services is more than the usual departmental report. It is based on a philosophy about aging and learning, exemplified in the …

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Aging in Modern America

via New York Public LIbrary and American History TV/C-SPAN3   |   Videos

Lawrence Samuel talked about American views of aging over the last 50 years, including a cultural shift in the 1960s away from revering elders toward embracing the youth culture. He is the author of Aging …

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