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A Scoping Review of Research on the Arts, Aging, and the Quality of Life

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Artistic engagement has been identified as a promising way to improve older adults’ quality of life (QoL) and health. This has resulted in a growing, yet diverse, knowledge base. The purpose of this scoping review …

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Ageing Artfully: Older People and Professional Participatory Arts in the UK


From the Toolkit: “The Baring Foundation sets out in this major report a picture of the situation that exists across all art forms — dance, music, drama, painting — as a way of engaging and …

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An Integrated Approach to Healthy Aging: Innovation, Inspiration and Achievement

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Keynote Speaker: Linda Fried, MD, MPH, Dean, Mailman School of Public Health, is a leader in the fields of epidemiology and geriatrics. Dr. Fried gave the keynote lecture at the 2013 Northeastern Pennsylvania Annual Conference …

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Arts and Older People: A Global Perspective

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This chapter focuses on the potential for participatory arts to support a good life in older age. It is motivated by the author’s personal experience of working with older people and a number of other …

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Booming Blog (The New York Times)

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The New York Times “Booming” blog retired in February 2014, but its articles can be accessed on the newspaper’s site.

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Breaking the Age Code

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About the Book:  The often-surprising results of Levy’s science offer stunning revelations about the mind-body connection. She demonstrates that many health problems formerly considered to be entirely due to the aging process, such as memory …

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Can America Age Gracefully?

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From the article: “America may still think of itself as a young nation, but as a society, it is growing old. Thanks to falling birthrates, longer life expectancy and the graying of the baby boomer …

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Changes in U.S. population coming sooner than expected

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From the article: A major cultural and geographic divide is emerging between Americans under age 35 and over 50, according to University of Michigan demographer William Frey.

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Community Empowerment Manual, Second Edition – Partners for Livable Communities


From the Partners for Livable Communities site: More than a decade since the release the innovative original, Partners for Livable Communities announces the release of the second edition of its Community Empowerment Manual. Expanded and …

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Community of Voices/Communidad De Voces

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With the rise in the number of older adults, there is an urgent need to develop cost-effective interventions that can be easily adapted for adults from diverse racial/ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The goal of this …

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