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Creative ageing: the social policy challenge

Book and Chapter

From the book description: “This collection begins with two premises: that our understanding of the nature and forms of creativity in later life remains limited and that dialogue between specialists in gerontology, the arts and …

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Creativity May Be Key to Healthy Aging. Here Are Ways to Stay Inspired.

via The Washington Post   |   Article and Blog Post

From the article:  “If you’re interested in staying healthy as you age — and living longer — you might want to add a different set of muscles to your workout routine: your creative ones. Ongoing …

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Experience Talks

Audio and Podcast

From the website: Now as a live Zoom cast, Experience Talks shares the experience of dynamic baby boomers and beyond in a way that communicates across generations.

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How Long Can We Live?

via The New York Times   |   Article and Blog Post

From the article, published as part of The New York Times Magazine’s The Health Issue: “As medical and social advances mitigate diseases of old age and prolong life, the number of exceptionally long-lived people is increasing …

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How Self-Esteem Changes Over the Lifespan

via Psychology Today   |   Organization Profile

“Self-esteem builds over the lifespan and peaks at age 60.” This article from Psychology Today provides an overview of a recent survey of over 300 studies on how self-esteem is generally experienced over one’s lifespan. …

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