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Ages and Stages: The Place of Theatre in the Lives of Older People

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Since 2009 researchers Miriam Bernard and Michelle Rickett have been involved in a set of related projects under the title “Ages and Stages.” This is a collaboration with researchers at Keele University and theater specialists …

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Aging Better with the Denver Public Library: Report on Older Adult Services


The Aging Better Report by Denver Public Library (DPL) on its 2019-2020 Older Adult Services is more than the usual departmental report. It is based on a philosophy about aging and learning, exemplified in the …

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Creative ageing: the social policy challenge

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From the book description: “This collection begins with two premises: that our understanding of the nature and forms of creativity in later life remains limited and that dialogue between specialists in gerontology, the arts and …

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Creativity May Be Key to Healthy Aging. Here Are Ways to Stay Inspired.

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From the article:  “If you’re interested in staying healthy as you age — and living longer — you might want to add a different set of muscles to your workout routine: your creative ones. Ongoing …

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Economic Foundations for Creative Ageing Policy, Volume I

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This book shows that global population aging is an opportunity to improve the quality of human life rather than a threat to economic competitiveness and stability. It describes the concept of the creative aging policy …

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Experience Talks

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From the website: Now as a live Zoom cast, Experience Talks shares the experience of dynamic baby boomers and beyond in a way that communicates across generations.

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Frank Stiefel, 74, Curiosity and Freedom in Filmmaking

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Former businessman in media arts, Frank Steifel, made his first film at age 62, and another at 70, which won an Academy Award. David Stewart, founder of AGEIST magazine and creator of the site  …

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Harnessing the Power of Age Diversity: Getting the Best Out of the Five-Generation Workforce

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From “Generational identity should be a source of learning, not division.” “Are tensions between different generations escalating? In organizations, lack of trust between older and younger workers often yields a culture of competition and …

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How Long Can We Live?

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From the article, published as part of The New York Times Magazine’s The Health Issue: “As medical and social advances mitigate diseases of old age and prolong life, the number of exceptionally long-lived people is increasing …

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How Self-Esteem Changes Over the Lifespan

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“Self-esteem builds over the lifespan and peaks at age 60.” This article from Psychology Today provides an overview of a recent survey of over 300 studies on how self-esteem is generally experienced over one’s lifespan. …

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