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In-person, Virtual, Onsite, Offsite, and Blended: Making Responsive Programs Happen for Older Adults

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From Article: One of the many lessons we learned from the pandemic is that remote/virtual programming is a viable (and likely ongoing) method for program delivery. Whether offered onsite or remotely, all successful creative aging …

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Institute for Policy Research

From the website: The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) is an interdisciplinary public policy research institute founded in 1968 at Northwestern University. Our mission is to stimulate and support excellent social science research on significant …

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The Asset-Based Community Development Institute

From the website: The Asset-Based Community Development Institute (ABCD) is at the center of a large and growing movement that considers local assets as the primary building blocks of sustainable community development. Building on the …

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The Outcomes of Arts Engagement for Individuals and Communities.


What is the state of research concerning outcomes from arts engagement for individuals, and communities? The William Penn Foundation commissioned NORC, a research center at the University of Chicago, to examine recent research on this …

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Theatre Arts for Improving Cognition and Affective Health

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Psychologist Helga Noice and Theatre Educator Tony Noice have a long record of analyzing the impact of participatory arts on older adults, with a specialty in the relationship between theatre arts and cognition.  This article …

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White matter plasticity in healthy older adults: The effects of aerobic exercise

Research and Studies

Scientists at Colorado State University’s BRAiN Lab recently reported on study findings showing “that white matter regions that are vulnerable to aging retain some degree of plasticity that can be induced by aerobic exercise training.” …

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