The New Map of Life. A Report from the Stanford Center on Longevity


The Stanford Center on Longevity initiative, The New Map of Life, has issued a summary report outlining a set of  “principles” as the basis for “momentous and creative changes in the ways we lead our 100-year lives, at every stage.”  The New Map of Life builds on research and trends across many sectors indicating that nearly half of today’s five-year olds are likely to live to 100 and, as adults, they will work, create, contribute and learn throughout their lifetimes. It asks: “Are We Ready?“ The long life blueprint identifies policies and investments that will be needed to ensure vitality and equity for all during their lifespans, including “Age Diversity is a Net Positive,” “Invest in Future Centenarians,”  and “Align Health Spans to Life Spans.”  “Learn Throughout Life,” is a core principle of the blueprint and implies the importance of varied and continuous access to arts education as an aspect of the new aging society.


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