Shikatsu Reminiscence Centre at Showa Era Lifestyle Museum


The Showa Era Lifestyle Museum in Japan, also known as Kitanagoya-shi historical Museum, was awarded Best in Heritage in 2020 for its Reminiscence Centre.

This article, and its accompanying video interview with the museum director, Yoshinori Ichihashi, provide an overview of the Shikatsu Reminiscence Centre which was created in 2002 as a space for visitors and especially older people to remember and reflect on their lives.

The Centre was made possible through contributions of artifacts, documents, and the memories of local residents. The Center has expanded to include public tours led by local “members” of the Centre; an 8-week Reminiscence School, and lifelong learning activities linking different generations.

The museum’s Best in Heritage presentation stated: “Our scope has expanded tremendously, first from avoiding the need for nursing care and presenting dementia, then to promoting good health, and now further to lifelong learning. Linking different generations, the reminiscence method leads to the development of human bonds, while expansion of the related activities fosters ties within the community, broadening networks, and resulting in greater manifestations of local residents’ potential abilities (empowerment.”

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