Museums, Oral History, Reminiscence and Wellbeing: Establishing Collaboration and Outcomes


This report on The Oxford Museum’s Memory Lane Program is more than an analysis of one program.  It provides an overview of the theoretical and curatorial bases for reminiscence and oral history programs while weaving together qualitative information on the development of the program as it evolved since 2009.

The report focuses in particular on the impact of Memory Lane on the wellbeing of participants and on development of a “toolkit” for carrying out similar programs in other museums.  It is an important report in that very few academic institutions have conducted in-depth analyses of local history or oral history projects, reminiscence programs and collections handling — activities that until recently were not connected with positive aging and health promotion.  By analyzing the impacts of Memory Lane and considering the value of and approaches for extending the scope and depth of reminiscence programs in museum settings, the report is an important contribution to museum professionals working with older adults.

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