Lifelong Learning and the Lessons of the Pandemic


The Lifelong Learning Virtual Panel convened by The Longevity Project in Collaboration with the Stanford Center on Longevity brought together experts in the sociology of education, global education and digital learning to discuss how the coronavirus is changing, and will continue to change, learning — not only for young students but for learners of all ages. The panel included presentation of the results of a Longevity Project-Morning Consult poll showing that 40% of all adults reported that they had engaged in some form of online learning during quarantine, with high levels of satisfaction. Presenters reviewed the ways in which the pandemic is accelerating trends towards continuous learning across the lifespan while transforming conventional approaches to “higher education” and “adult education.”  The discussions provide stimulating context and new visions for “long life learning” that are relevant to the work of arts educators and those involved in creative aging programming.


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