Keynote: The New Map of Life, Stanford Longevity Forum 2018


Dr. Laura Carstensen, Founder and Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, was the keynote speaker at the 2018 Longevity Forum at Stanford University. In this talk she summarizes the “dramatic and profound” increase in life expectancy that is reshaping our basic understanding of human life. She sees an urgent need to re-consider the 20th century cultural and institutional norms that govern how we live, and to envision a society organized around a 100-year life. To advance this process the Center on Longevity has initiated The New Map of Life, a project to catalyze interdisciplinary research and planning around the challenge of creating a long life society for the 21st century. The talk is an excellent summation of the new knowledge that supports new approaches to financial security, learning, health and work;  it provides context for the work of today’s educators, including those in the arts, who recognize the significance of lifelong learning in a long life society.



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