Intergenerational Techno-Creative Activities in a Library Fablab


The authors of this paper report on the design, implementation, and assessment of intergenerational techno-creative activities within a library EspaceLab makerspace using tools for the project #smartcitymaker.

They discuss the makerspace movement and its value in enabling techno-creative activities that can overcome “age and gender stereotypes related to creative uses of technologies.” Among their observations is that “intergenerational learning does not occur spontaneously in most cases and makerspace facilitation must promote intergenerational collaboration for achieving the objectives of facilitating learning across the lifespan.”

The project is an excellent example of two trends:

  1. Incorporating techno-art activities into intergenerational art programming; and
  2. Designing the new programs with and, in part, for scholars who are designing new approaches to designing and evaluating such programs.

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Creative Aging > Intergenerational Programming


Benjamin Lille

Margarida Romero

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Laval University

Université Côte d’Azur

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Research and Studies




digital arts, Intergenerational, library