Good Times: Art for Older People at Dulwich Picture Gallery


In 2010, after an initial period of operation, the Dulwich Picture Gallery collected information on its program, “Good Times: Art for Older People” from coordinators, artists, gallery teachers, and participants. The emphasis was on their views and experiences.  The Oxford Institute on Ageing then used that material to carry out a qualitative program assessment designed “to discover more about how best an art gallery could serve an ageing population.”

The report would be helpful to any museum leader or museum professional considering the design of programs for and with older adults.  The report did provide essential background for further program development at the Dulwich. According to Sarah Harper, Director of the Institute for Aging, “The Good Times Programme clearly reveals the important role that our museums and galleries can play in enhancing the lives of older people from diverse social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. “

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