Glorious Age: Entelechy Arts’ Older Adult Theatre Company (U.K.)


Entelechy Arts Older Adult Drama Group, “Glorious Age” in South East London (UK) was formed nearly two decades ago by a group of older people living in South East London who discovered that they shared an interest in theater. With support from a local art center, Entelechy Arts, they focused on creating performances in public spaces about “the many stories that go unheard, the many lives that are unrecognized.”

One of the Group’s earliest productions was “Bed,” a street performance designed to “make a statement about the invisibility they felt when going about their lives in public places.” Bed toured shopping centers, festivals, high streets and conferences around the UK. In 2018, actors from the Saitama Arts Theater in Japan performed Bed at the World Gold Theater Festival in Tokyo. A new partnership between Glorious Age and Okayama, Japan-based theater company, OiBokkeShi, was recently announced. It has helped to raise new questions about what “theater” is, and where and how it should occur.

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