Generations, Intergenerational Relationships, Generational Policy: A Multilingual Compendium – Edition 2017


From the abstract:

The members of the International Network for the Analysis of Intergenerational Relations (Generationes) proudly present the most recent issue of the jointly produced compendium “Generations, Intergenerational Relations and Generational Policy.” The compendium presents and discusses the key concepts of intergenerational research in a systematic way. Its approach is characterized by the assumption that the forms of intergenerational relationships in families and kinship, institutions and communities is playing a fundamental role in the construction of individual and collective identities, and therefore in the development of societies. A cross-cultural, comparative approach accounting for linguistic diversity provides a promising avenue for theoretical, empirical and practical work in this currently crucially field for the social sciences, humanities and social policy.

This new version includes 17 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Hungarian, Turkish, Romanian, Lithuanian, Slovenian (new), Bosnian (new), Ukrainian (new), Russian (new) and Chinese (new).

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Andrzej Klimczuk

Kurt Lüscher

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