Drawing “with” Art-Well-Being: Intergenerational Co-Creation with Seniors, Children and the Living Museum


This article is a detailed discussion of the Museum, Art and Wellbeing Project, a multi-faceted, art-centered, intergenerational project designed to explore how collaborative art-making across generations can strengthen personal, social, and community health.

The nine-week project involved 41 individuals — older adults from the University for the Third Age and primary school children — the Museums of Victoria and the research team. Activities included artmaking events, joint visits to the museum, discussions about art and wellbeing, sharing stories about objects, and skills exchange in which the children taught the older adults how to create digital art.

The article discusses the theoretical perspectives behind the project, the pedagogical contexts, and the varied lens the researchers brought to the project. It details the process of developing, documenting, and evaluating the project, and the observations and data that resulted. Although the emphasis is on the research aspects of the project, this Case Study is an exceptionally thorough and a resource for anyone interested in the multiple aspects of designing and implementing a complicated art-based intergenerational project that puts theory into practice.


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Laura Alfrey

Geraldine Burke

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