Dancing for Healthy Aging: Functional and Metabolic Perspectives


Dancing has been used as a form of exercise to improve functional and metabolic outcomes during aging. The field lacks randomized, clinical trials (RCTs) evaluating metabolic outcomes related to dance interventions, but dancing may be a form of exercise that could induce positive effects on the metabolic health of older adults. However, primary studies seem very heterogonous regarding the trial designs, characteristics of the interventions, the methods for outcomes assessments, statistical powers, and methodological quality. Any dance style can induce positive functional adaptations in older adults, especially related to balance. Metabolic improvements may also be a result of dancing; however, more RCTs are needed. Dancing may be a potential exercise intervention to promote health-related benefits for aging individuals.

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A. Reischak-Oliviera

J. Rodrigues-Krasue

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Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

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