Theatre Arts for Improving Cognition and Affective Health

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Psychologist Helga Noice and Theatre Educator Tony Noice have a long record of analyzing the impact of participatory arts on older adults, with a specialty in the relationship between theatre arts and cognition.  This article …

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Ages and Stages: The Place of Theatre in the Lives of Older People

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Since 2009 researchers Miriam Bernard and Michelle Rickett have been involved in a set of related projects under the title “Ages and Stages.” This is a collaboration with researchers at Keele University and theater specialists …

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The Cultural Value of Older People’s Experiences of Theater-Making: A Review

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This article aims to examine, specifically, the “cultural value” that older adults derive from involvement in theater and drama as participants rather than just observers. They note that many other studies of the impact of …

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Return to the Age of Aquarius

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This Next Avenue article by Julie Pfitzinger features a recent production of “Hair” by the Minneapolis-based theatre company Theatre 55.   The company was founded to provide opportunities for older adults to participate in professional …

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