Telling Stories: Aging, Reminiscence, and the Life Review

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From the website: Kathleen Woodward explores the workings of reminiscence and of life review—one fragmentary, the other totalizing—and their importance, what they have to offer to a life as it passes into old age. Reminiscing …

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With Exercise, It Can Stretch—Not Hobble—To 70

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From the article: Good mental and physical exercises are thought to help with brain functioning as we age. But the devil is in the details and inside the brain itself, which has a mind of …

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Which Is Worse, Being Lonely or Just Being Alone?

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From the article: The researchers at University College London knew from previous studies that both isolation and loneliness raised a person’s risk of death. What they wanted to see was whether one condition – or …

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Welcome Stranger: Public Libraries Build the Global Village


From the introduction: The Urban Libraries Council (ULC), the leading organization devoted to strengthening the public library as an essential part of urban life, is composed of 150 major public libraries and the corporations that …

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The Plastisity of Human Aging

Presentation and Talks

From the lecture description: Walter M. Bortz II, M.D., a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine, gave a lecture The Plastisity of Human Aging in Schroedinger Lecture Theatre. His book Dare …

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United States Demographics (Stanford Center on Longevity)

Article and Blog Post

From the Center on Longevity site: Over the next 30 years, the US population age 65+ will double from 40 million to 80 million, and the share of old people will increase from 13% to …

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A Guide to Mapping and Mobilizing the Associations in Local Neighborhoods

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From the introduction: This is a guide to mapping and mobilizing the capacities of associations functioning in your community.

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Gerotranscendence: A Developmental Theory of Positive Aging

Book and Chapter

From the description: Expanding upon his earlier writings, Dr. Tornstam’s latest book explores the need for new theories in gerontology and sets the stage for the development of his theory of gerotranscendence. This theory was …

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Days With My Father

Columns and Blog

From the website: After a while, I realized I couldn’t keep telling [my father] that his wife had died. He didn’t remember, and it was killing both of us, to re-live her death constantly. I …

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The Joys of Adult Education: From Reading Homer to Racing Porsches

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From the abstract: Adults are returning to school for a number of reasons including to expand ones mind, to adjust to the demands of ones personal life, to advance in a job, change careers, or …

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