2020 Century Summit


The 4-day 2020 Longevity Summit, held virtually, was organized by The Longevity Project and the Stanford Center on Longevity to bring together leaders in multiple sectors to discuss “the implications of the 100-year life.” Building on the knowledge that we are living longer and healthier than previous generations, the Summit elicited visions for how society “can restructure work, reorganize our cities, enhance lifelong learning, create financial security and promote greater health and vitality in the new age of longevity.” Summit presentations also included new insight about longevity in the “Age of Pandemics.” Two presentations, both on December 10 — “Re-inventing the Second Half of Life,” and “Reinventing the University for Lifelong Learning,” — provide context for considering how continuous learning, including participation in the arts, can contribute to a healthier and more vital “age of longevity.”


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