Program Site Type: Senior Housing

Dances for a Variable Population performers dance in unison.

Partnerships Key to Sustainability for Dances for a Variable Population

Through clear and innovative programming, active demonstration of program benefits, and equal investment in their community of teaching artists and participants, Dances for a Variable Population (DVP) has been able to build successful, lasting relationships with a variety of partner organizations. These partnerships have formed the backbone of their programming, and sustained them throughout the 15 years of their existence.

Dave Johnson, Teaching Artist

In this interview with poet and teaching artist, Dave Johnson, he talks about how he got started as a teaching artist at Poets House, a poetry library in New York City. His teaching artist career led him to teaching poetry workshops to older adults in Brooklyn libraries, but mostly in senior centers, day centers, nursing homes and live-in facilities. Dave also shares his experiences working with older adults, along with the skills, challenges, surprises and rewards.

Frank Ingrasciotta, Teaching Artist

In this interview, performing artist Frank Ingrasciotta, talks about how he discovered educational theatre and how one of his performances at a senior living center led him to teaching a memoir writing workshop to senior residents. As a Lifetime Arts Roster Teaching Artist, he has conducted numerous acting and writing programs with mature populations in libraries and senior living centers.

Jilann Spitzmiller

In this podcast from the National Endowment for the Arts, award-winning filmmaker, Jilann Spitzmiller, talks about “Still Dreaming,” a film which looks at former actors over 80 in an assisted living facility rehearsing and performing, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”