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An image of two older adult participants engaging in artmaking.

A Dose of Creativity

Teaching Artist are key to delivering creative aging programs. In this video, you will hear stories from older adult students about how their artmaking and learning experiences impact all aspects of their life.

The Communicative Power of Art

In this blog post, Rosenberg talks in-depth about the Meet Me at MoMA program, an interactive gallery tour for people with dementia and their care partners, part of their Access Programs. The ninety-minute sessions allow MoMA’s educators to lead the individuals in the group in sharing their thoughts and interpretations of artworks from MoMA’s collection or special exhibitions.

Breaking Down Barriers: A Continuing Tradition of Access Programs at MoMA

From the blog post:

“MoMA’s commitment to access for all is embedded in the history of the institution itself, beginning with one of the Museum’s earliest innovations in art education: the establishment of the War Veterans Art Center for soldiers returning from the Second World War. It has been an honor and a pleasure to build upon this tradition in my work on Access Programs at MoMA for the last 20 years.”

Young@Heart Chorus

“Who is Young@Heart? What started out in 1982 at a Western Massachusetts elderly housing project to joyfully pass the time instead of passing before your time has developed into the stereotype-defying, generation-crossing musical extravaganza better known as the Young@Heart Chorus.”

Creative Aging Focus:

Running for 30 years, Young@Heart Chorus epitomizes excellent creative aging programming, focusing on skill building and social engagement.


“Founded by MacArthur Fellow Anne Basting, we are an international network of artists and caregivers committed to bringing joy to late life.”

Creative Aging Focus:

Timeslips advocates for and provides innovative programming in the arts for older adults with cognitive decline. They partner with senior service organizations to create and institutionalize creative aging programs for this specific population. They train and engage professional teaching artists and advocate nationally for arts engagement for older adults.

Teachers and Writers Collaborative

“Teachers & Writers Collaborative (T&W) educates the imagination by offering innovative creative writing programs for people of all ages and by providing a variety of publications and resources to support learning through the literary arts. T&W programs include writing workshops for students, art programs for older adults, professional development for educators, managing the NYS Poetry Out Loud competition, and publishing Teachers & Writers Magazine and other resources about the teaching of creative writing.”

Creative Aging Focus:

A funded cohort member of Aroha Philanthropies Seeding Vitality Arts U.S., Teachers and Writers partnered with “Visions,” a NYC senior center for vision impaired older adults. Multiple workshop series successfully engaged senior center members in “songwriting,” musical theater and poetry.

Space One Eleven

“Space One Eleven is a visual arts organization founded in Birmingham, Alabama in 1986. Space One Eleven’s mission is to provide professional opportunities for artists, create a forum for public understanding of contemporary art, and offer arts education to area youth.”

Creative Aging Focus:

A funded cohort member of Aroha Philanthropies’ Seeding Vitality Arts U.S., Space One Eleven implemented multiple creative aging programs over two years of the grant. They have since institutionalized creative aging programming as Art in the Making, Art Classes for Adults Age 55 and Better.

School One

“School One was built for one purpose: to offer students a high school, centered on their individuality and creativity, which challenges them to tackle the questions that matter most. We’re passionate. We’re caring. And we’ve spent five decades helping students make their own choices, find their footing, and thrive. Our graduates go on to colleges and elite art schools across the country, and more importantly, they go on to be engaged members of their community.”

Creative Aging Focus:

A funded cohort member of Aroha Philanthropies’ Seeding Vitality Arts U.S., School One implemented multiple intergenerational creative aging programs and fully embraced creative aging as a core part of their students’ and community’s life.

Rumriver Art Center

From the website:

The goal of Rumriver Art Center is to be a catalyst for artistic literacy and excellence through our collaborations and partnerships in areas void of artistic opportunities. Our aim is to recognize the individual potential of students and artists and explore through multiple art mediums their creativity, talents, passions, and spirit while igniting prospects for innovative and affordable artistic expression.

Creative Aging Focus:

Rumriver Art Center, a member of the Seeding Vitality Arts MN cohort, funded by Aroha Philanthropies and trained by Lifetime Arts, has fully integrated creative aging into their menu of services. The organization has been transformed by the influx of older adult students, new partnerships and increased funding.