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Creative Aging 101: Case Study — Comedy Workshop

In this case study, Lifetime Arts Trainer, Vinny Mraz, talks about the “Comedy Workshop” program which he has led in senior centers in the NYC area. This case study provides insight into the variety of ways a creative aging program might work depending on the community the program serves.

Creative Aging 101: Challenging Partnerships

In this Lifetime Arts “Teaching Artist Talks” video, trainers Antonia Perez and Vinny Mraz talk about how they have worked through natural challenges that arise within many partnerships with host organizations, and how cooperative flexibility leads to positive program outcomes.

Creative Aging 101: Seeding Creative Aging in Your Organization

Most organizations need to take small steps to introduce the idea of creative aging, and build the infrastructure necessary to support this type of programming prior to implementation. In this video, Lifetime Arts Education Associate, Julie Kline, introduces methods and strategies for building a robust arts culture within your organization, and shares specific advice for successful partnership development and the design of accessible programming.