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Lisbon Offers Graffiti Classes for the Elderly: Grannies Learn About Street Art History and How to Tag Walls

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LATA 65, an intergenerational graffiti program, offers an example of how an unconventional art form can be as effective in bridging generational gaps as more formal art forms. LATA 65 — LATA meaning “can” and …

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Museums Add Programs and Classes to Tap Interest From Older Adults

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Graffiti artist, Peyton Scott Russell, taps into the interests of older adults through his eight week visual arts program offered at the Minneapolis Institute of Art and selected through Aroha Philanthropies’ Seeding Vitality Arts initiative.

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Peyton Scott Russell, Teaching Artist

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Teaching artist, Peyton Scott Russell’s earliest memories as a child were making art and being creative. This continued into high school where he discovered graffiti art from the film Style Wars in 1984. This consumed …

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