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Bill Wertheim, Teaching Artist

In this interview with poet and artist, Bill Wertheim, he talks about how he got started as a teaching artist, and how he later met Ed Friedman and Maura O’Malley at the Town of Pelham Public Library while teaching poetry/memoir classes. He connected with the work at Lifetime Arts and his career in the Creative Aging took off. Bill shares his experiences with working with older adults, the most satisfying parts of this work, and more.

“Performed by the People Who Lived It”: Theatre 55 Stages Shows Older Adults Want

In this blog post, Lifetime Arts Co-Founder and Executive Director, Ed Friedman, talks about Theatre 55, a  company founded in 2018 by Richard Hitchler in St. Paul, Minnesota, whose mission is “to enrich the lives of elders, as artists, audiences, and lifelong learners through theatre performance and education.” Ed also talks about the Young at Heart Chorus, which provides its older participants the opportunity and instruction to perform modern music — a far cry from the usual “sing-along” fare.