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Forget Memory: Creating Better Lives for People with Dementia

From the Forget Memory website:

Memory loss can be one of the most terrifying aspects of a diagnosis of dementia. Yet the fear and dread of losing our memory make the experience of the disease worse than it needs to be, according to cultural critic and playwright Anne Davis Basting. She says, Forget memory. Basting emphasizes the importance of activities that focus on the present to improve the lives of persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

The Communicative Power of Art

In this blog post, Rosenberg talks in-depth about the Meet Me at MoMA program, an interactive gallery tour for people with dementia and their care partners, part of their Access Programs. The ninety-minute sessions allow MoMA’s educators to lead the individuals in the group in sharing their thoughts and interpretations of artworks from MoMA’s collection or special exhibitions.

Anne Basting

Anne Basting is the founder and director of Timeslips at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts. She is a playwright, artist and author of/contributor to many articles and three books, as well as an internationally recognized speaker on arts and aging.