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Art Therapy and Creative Aging: Reclaiming Elderhood, Health and Wellbeing

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Art Therapy and Creative Aging offers an integrated perspective on engaging with older people through the arts. Drawing from the author’s clinical, research and teaching experiences, the book explores how arts engagement can intertwine with …

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Beyond Older Age: Approaches to Understand the Diverse Lives of Older People

via The University of Manchester Library   |   Books and Chapters

‘Beyond Older Age: Approaches to Understand the Diverse Lives of Older People’ is a booklet for anyone wanting to engage older people in a more inclusive, creative, and participatory way. It aims to equip policy …

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Centering Anti-Ableism in Creative Aging Programs

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Discussion of how creative aging programs in community arts education have the opportunity to work at the intersection of anti-ageism and anti-ableism.

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Creative Aging: Drawing on the Arts to Enhance Healthy Aging

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From the abstract: The term “creative aging,” in the broadest sense, describes an aging policy idea that focuses on highlighting the creativity of older adults in order to prepare individuals and communities to manage old …

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Survey Highlights: Leveraging State Investments in Creative Aging

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Supported through a partnership with Aroha Philanthropies, the “National Assembly of State Arts Agencies conducted a national survey that inventoried state arts agencies’ creative aging efforts.” “Survey Highlights: Leveraging State Investments in Creative Aging summarizes …

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The Creative Connections Project- Fully-Funded Arts Programs for Older Adults and Their Caregivers

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Arts for the Aging is seeking long term care communities of older adults located in Montgomery County, Maryland to receive four therapeutic arts programs at no cost to selected communities. Montgomery County Department of Health …

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Unboxed: An Intergenerational LGBTQ+ Program Exploring Identity Through Art & Stories

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This post on the website of LinkAGES, a Denver based foundation that supports intergenerational initiatives, provides an excellent overview of “Unboxed,” a digital intergenerational storytelling program for LGBTQ+ participants. Developed by the Denver Public Library …

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