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Art Therapy and Creative Aging: Reclaiming Elderhood, Health and Wellbeing

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Art Therapy and Creative Aging offers an integrated perspective on engaging with older people through the arts. Drawing from the author’s clinical, research and teaching experiences, the book explores how arts engagement can intertwine with …

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Survey Highlights: Leveraging State Investments in Creative Aging

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Supported through a partnership with Aroha Philanthropies, the “National Assembly of State Arts Agencies conducted a national survey that inventoried state arts agencies’ creative aging efforts.” “Survey Highlights: Leveraging State Investments in Creative Aging summarizes …

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Unboxed: An Intergenerational LGBTQ+ Program Exploring Identity Through Art & Stories

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This post on the website of LinkAGES, a Denver based foundation that supports intergenerational initiatives, provides an excellent overview of “Unboxed,” a digital intergenerational storytelling program for LGBTQ+ participants. Developed by the Denver Public Library …

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