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Art4Life Inc.

From the Art4Life Inc. Website:  Art4Life Inc. is a for-profit social enterprise committed to championing Creative Aging and to bring its benefits to Canadians. We are passionate about the potential of this approach as an …

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Culture and Antiracisms in Adult Education: An Exploration of the Contributions of Arts-Based Learning

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From the abstract: Increasingly, practices of collective arts-based learning are being used by adult educators and community organizations as creative and participatory ways to respond to contemporary social or environmental issues. Investigating the potential contributions …

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GeriActors & Friends Intergenerational Theater Company (Canada)


GeriActors & Friends (Edmonton, Canada) is an intergenerational theater company organized by a group of older people seeking ways to become involved with theater. Through instructional lessons led by a professor of Theater Arts at …

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The State of Our Art: A Review of Theories Used in Intergenerational Program Research (2003–2014) and Ways Forward

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This article conveys the process and results of the authors’ examination of 10 years of recent research on intergenerational programs. Their core question was whether and how, “theory is being used in the field of …

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