Expert Type: Consultant

Sonnet Takahisa

Sonnet Takahisa, Director of Education at the Brooklyn Historical Society, consults with museums, cultural institutions and schools and has served on national and local task forces for museums, arts, Pre-K through higher education, government funding agencies and foundations. She initiated programs at Boston Children’s Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. At the Newark Museum, Takahisa led the development and implementation of their first creative aging programs as part of Aroha Philanthropies’ Seeding Vitality Arts US Initiative.

Diantha Dow Schull

Diantha Dow Schull is Principal and Founder of DDSchull Associates LLC, providing advisory and training services for museums, libraries, foundations and nonprofits. She is also a cultural organization program specialist and has led the development of major national creative aging programs for public libraries in collaboration with Lifetime Arts. She has written articles and books for museum and library professionals, including, “Boomers and Beyond: Reconsidering the Roles of Libraries,” with Pauline Rothstein, PhD.

Lifetime Arts contracted Diantha to curate the core set of media and research resources for this website. Previously, Diantha worked with us to write and develop resources for The Creative Aging Toolkit for Public Libraries, and has worked on numerous other critical business development projects for Lifetime Arts.