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2020 Century Summit


The 4-day 2020 Longevity Summit, held virtually, was organized by The Longevity Project and the Stanford Center on Longevity to bring together leaders in multiple sectors to discuss “the implications of the 100-year life.” Building …

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Aging Better with the Denver Public Library: Report on Older Adult Services


The Aging Better Report by Denver Public Library (DPL) on its 2019-2020 Older Adult Services is more than the usual departmental report. It is based on a philosophy about aging and learning, exemplified in the …

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Art Should Be a Habit, Not a Luxury

via The Atlantic   |   Articles and Blog Posts

“Just like exercise and sleep, engaging with the arts is a necessity for a full and happy life. Too often, we let the humdrum reality of life get in the way of the arts, which …

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Arts engagement trends in the United Kingdom and their mental and social wellbeing implications: HEartS Survey

Research and Studies

Over the past two decades evidence about the role of the arts in promoting health and wellbeing has grown substantially, including studies reporting the impacts of arts engagement for older adults. However, much evidence is …

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Can America Age Gracefully?

via The New York Times   |   Articles and Blog Posts

From the article: “America may still think of itself as a young nation, but as a society, it is growing old. Thanks to falling birthrates, longer life expectancy and the graying of the baby boomer …

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Countering Isolation With Creativity

via Stanford Social Isolation Review   |   Articles and Blog Posts

Teresa Bonner is Executive Director at Aroha Philanthropies and a leading advocate for older adult access to arts experiences that build skills, build community and enhance well-being. In this article she reviews the state of …

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Creativity May Be Key to Healthy Aging. Here are Ways to Stay Inspired

via The Washington Post   |   Articles and Blog Posts

Matt Fuchs’s article introduces us to a diverse group of individuals, including artists, who consciously follow certain approaches for retaining their creativity. He speaks with an elderly singer who records his songs in the languages …

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Drawing Connection: Art Class Unites Formerly Unhoused Men with Case Managers

Articles and Blog Posts

As part of the Vitality Arts Project for Art Museums Initiative, the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) and Catholic Charities Twin Cities Higher Ground campus collaborated on a six-week drawing program this summer for older …

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Harnessing the Power of Age Diversity: Getting the Best Out of the Five-Generation Workforce

Articles and Blog Posts

From “Generational identity should be a source of learning, not division.” “Are tensions between different generations escalating? In organizations, lack of trust between older and younger workers often yields a culture of competition and …

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Keynote: The New Map of Life, Stanford Longevity Forum 2018

Presentations and Talks

Dr. Laura Carstensen, Founder and Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, was the keynote speaker at the 2018 Longevity Forum at Stanford University. In this talk she summarizes the “dramatic and profound” increase in …

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