Eric Booth



“…In arts learning, [Eric Booth] taught at Juilliard (12 years), Stanford University, NYU, Tanglewood and Lincoln Center Education (for 40 years, where he is now a co-Founder of the Teaching Artist Development Labs), and The Kennedy Center (20 years). He was the Faculty Chair of the Empire State Partnership program for three years (the largest arts-in-education project in America), and held one of six chairs on The College Board’s Arts Advisory Committee for seven years. He serves as a consultant for many organizations, cities, states and businesses around the country, including seven of the ten largest orchestras in America, and five national service organizations. He consults with arts organizations, businesses, boards of directors, state arts and education agencies, national arts organizations and occasionally with high tech and medical firms on their innovation work. He is widely referred to as one of the nation’s most creative teachers and as “the father of the teaching artist profession,” and this is one of many topics he consults on.”

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