Art Form: Photography

Visual Arts Class and Culminating Event at the Neon Museum

From The Neon Museum’s YouTube Channel:

“The Neon Museum, with generous support from Aroha Philanthropies and Vitality Arts, teamed up with Sprat teaching artists to present the Creative Aging Visual Interpretation workshop series at Ne10 Studio. Participants from the Doolittle Senior Center joined teaching artists Chase R. McCurdy, Lance L. Smith and Danny E. Titus for an eight-week exploration of painting, photography and art history. The signs housed in The Neon Museum collection helped jumpstart conversations on memory, reflection and the elements of design and color. The series culminated in an exhibition at the Nevada Humanities Program Gallery. Check out this video to see the impact these classes made on both the students and the teachers and how The Neon Museum has harnessed the power of art instruction to spark the imaginations of members of our senior community here in Las Vegas.”

Lori Adams, Teaching Artist

In this interview with Lori Adams, she talks about how she got started as a teaching artist in photography, and how Lifetime Arts and the Association of Teaching Artists interested her in getting involved in Creative Aging programming. Lori also shares the most satisfying parts of this work, her most memorable moments, how this work informs her own artistic process, and more.

Jeremiah Jenner, Teaching Artist

In this interview with photographer and teaching artist, Jeremiah Jenner, talks about how he began teaching photography classes at Broward County Community Schools in 2009. In 2014, he was referred to the Miami Dade County Public Libraries to teach one of Lifetime Arts’ photography programs. Jeremiah also talks about the similarities and differences with working with the K-12 population and older adult population, his biggest challenges in teaching artistry, the most satisfying part of this work, and more.

Mark Nowak, Teaching Artist

In this interview, photographer and teaching artist, Mark Nowak, talks about how he began teaching photography at Lorain County metro parks as well an anecdote from a Creative Aging class he taught at the Cuyahoga County Public Library. Mark also shares the skills that he thinks are most important when working with older adults.

Greenwich House Brings Classes Online, Launches Virtual Art Show

Greenwich House has been pivoting many of their live programs to an online format during the crisis. Their teachers are quickly adapting to teaching via Zoom, and have worked with the Greenwich House communications team to post about 40% of their Seniors Online Learning Center classes online. In addition, they asked their members who are creating art at home to submit photos of their work to a virtual art show so that they can share their work with the whole community.